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Originally Posted by Hockey Crazy View Post
Hi Guys,

I'm 25 and interested in learning to play this year. I've been a fan for years and always wanted to learn... just never was able to as a kid. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good way to pick up the sport. If there was some kind of program where the first bit focuses on skating, that would be great since I can't really skate. I'm living downtown with no car, and I work full time hours, so evening and weekends is ideal and somewhere that is accessible.

Any suggestions?
How is your skating?

If you've never skated in your life, you might want to check out the Toronto FUN guide for adult skating lessons. I think there are six levels or so... starting from getting you walking on ice and doing basic snowplow stops to hockey stops, pivots, crossovers, edge control, etc etc. These run at pretty much every public indoor skating rink in Toronto.

After that, you may want to consider a powerskating classes or a hockey school. These will test your fitness and help you put the skills together in a way that is practical for hockey. Toronto FUN offers both, but they aren't available at all locations (especially for adults!) I've done them as a kid and they were OK, but I gained a lot more from privately-run classes.

Moss Park Arena in Toronto runs a hockey school for adults, but I know nothing about it beyond the fact that it exists. Anyways, if you haven't skated before you shouldn't be thinking this far ahead.

If you want to play pickup in the winter, check out some of the outdoor rinks in Toronto at I've played a few times after-hours at Nathan Phillip Square... you get everything from future NHLers (PK Subban used to play there a lot as a kid) to people who have never held a stick before. It's a lot of fun!

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