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Rental for you I am going to guess is 1 bdrm. Roughly 500 a month. The SouthTowns are a bit pricey, Amherst is a mix of single family, duplex and college dwellings.

Wheatfield has some decent housing both rentals of homes and Apt.
Stay clear of the downtown areas of both the Falls and Buffalo, not a good scene at this time.

Say 550/600 a month for a decent 2 bdrm, 50 to 70 a month in electric, 70+ for cable (Time Warner), Gas is roughly 2.90 to 3 bucks a gallon, however, if you go the Indian Reservation, prices there are roughly 2.60 to 2.75, depending on how oil prices flow.
Be prepared for 8.5 to 9 percent sales tax.
The main grocery stores in the area are Tops, Wegmans, Budweys and the occasional Surefine. Aldi's is a discount price grocery store in the area utilizing some locally based products, and some very good prices to.

Be prepared to get addicted to Buffalo Chicken Wings.
Pizza and Subs are big up here as well.

Beer (the most important subject)
You can get what you want here, like just about any other location. There is, however, particular brands that are heavily consumed in the area, both are Canadian Beer's due to our proximity to Canada, obviously.
Labbatt Blue (light, lime)
Molson (Golden, Canadian, Export)
I highly recommend these 2 beers.

If you smoke, 10 bucks a pack (welcome to New York)
You can get them on the Res (Indian Reservation) for as low as 2 bucks a pack.

Skiing in the southtowns (Holiday Valley, Kissing Bridge).
Some very nice state parks within travel distance. I recommend a trip to Letchworth State Park, the Gorge is absolutely breathtaking with the waterfalls, but, watch your step, people tend to get lost, hurt or both their from time to time.

Get your passport!
You will want to visit the Toronto zoo and other spots around Canada. Very nice up there, especially in the summer. If your a hockey nut (your here, you must be), there is plenty of bar leagues and other, younger leagues around to play or simply watch.

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