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Originally Posted by ArizonaPride View Post
This one is for the Mods

What is it like to be a Mod at HF Boards? How many warnings, infractions, bans do you normally handout? What rules are commonly broken in your eyes that you need to hand out punishment? What does it take to be a Mod at HFBoards and how did you become one? Any interesting stories that standout with another user in trouble even though you can't say names? Any stuff you had to penalize someone for even though you found what was written funny?

Might as well ask these questions since no one else has asked in the off-topic thread before?
For an incredibly boring answer: moderation actions like warn/infract/bans/or similar things are confidential. That includes not only posters discussing any warnings they've received on the forums, but also moderators.

What does it take to be a moderator? First and foremost a time commitment to look after the forum[s] you're responsible for. We're here to help keep HFB an enjoyable place for members to participate in by seeing that the site rules are followed. If you're interested in becoming a moderator at HFB, the site rules link has info on how to apply.
If you're interested in becoming a moderator send your application to No experience is required, but you must be a member for a minimum of six months. Simply state your interest, why you want to be a moderator, and which forum(s) you're interested in moderating. The length of time you've been a member, post quality and frequency, history of warnings/infractions, and recommendations from other moderators are taken into consideration.

On a different OT topic: finished about 20 spots out of the money at the Az state poker championship this weekend--biggest tournament in Arizona. Took a couple really disappointing bad beats at the end.

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