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08-18-2010, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by BloFan4Life View Post
I am going to be completely honest with you. I will be graduating with an accounting degree in about 1 year. I have job offers like crazy up here because there are a lot of accounting jobs here. All my family lives up here and I have have a good amount of friends that still live here. In saying all this, once I pass the CPA exam, I am out of here faster then you can ask why. The city is depressing. It is getting taken over by poverty, low level citizens that want to do nothing with their life but shoot people and live off the system. Their is literally 2 upper class neighborhoods here. My cousin moved out of here right after college and lives in a little town in NJ. When I went to visit him all I could say is, there is nothing like this in Buffalo. Older updated houses, with a little town with all family owned business where people actually love to work. You go there and you get motivated. You come to Buffalo and all you want to do is hang out and do nothing. Buffalo is getting bad. Nothing gets done here and the politicians are worse then any city I have seen. Don't get me wrong, this city has potential but it is too far along in ruins to bring up. You would have to ship out at least 150,000 people who are bring this city down and bring in people that want to work. We can't even go to our nice restaurants anymore with people getting shot outside of them. My advice, look for a job in a city that cares about its people. You will pay some of the highest taxes here and get nothing from it.
I think you are going to find that in any city, big or small, there are going to be people abusing the kindness of others and milking the system for everything its worth. It's a human nature problem, not a problem localized to Western NY

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