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Originally Posted by TehDoak View Post
In defense of Chicago, with 500k and a bit of elbow grease, you could buy a plot of land, build a 3 flat, and turn in to a 40k a year income producer. I know in NY, Boston or DC, that might not be true, but the same idea of "opportunity" is there. And while I think its there in Buffalo to some degree, it in no way is available on the same scale or magnitude as it is in a big city. Choosing to live in Buffalo is all about what you value. You want friendly neighbors, a big house, and a low cost of living...Buffalo is for you. But you want a thriving job market, opportunities to really advance your career, you should probably look elsewhere (depending, of course, on what job market you are in)
Certainly there are benefits to any area.

And in this case it depends on what one's career is - there may be an opportunity here that does not exist somewhere else (shocking, I know, since the paradigm many WNYers and WNY expats live in is that there is no opportunity here). I've mentioned before, I can do my job from the moon if I have a reliable ISP. That the office is in town is a plus, but it need not be one's only source of input. As people unshackle from the office, the points in that article are definitely worth exploring.

As for the Chicago comparison... one close friend who works in the IT biz by splitting time between clients in both IL and NY has some very interesting things to say about how the recession has racked up Chi-town (at least in his clientele range, small businesses typically below 2K headcount) vs. how the WNY area had no bubble to burst and keeps plugging along at 1%-2% growth. He's paying the bills with his WNY clients, in a nutshell. Not that it won't reverse -- the next boom is just as likely to miss WNY as all of the last 30 years of boom-and-bust cycles have.

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