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08-18-2010, 03:41 PM
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Topic for the hockey summit?

There is a story at [Canadian junior or NCAA? Debate rages on]. It is about the recent recruiting wars. The story is worth a look, and is worth a bookmark.

The CIS was mentioned tangentially in the story. The important thing to know is that the CHL scholarships are primarily used for players to attend at and play for CIS schools.

The article did not mention much about the CHL/CIS scholarships and why players prefer them to NCAA scholarships. The CHL/CIS players own their scholarships. They get one year for every year played in the CHL. They can switch schools and not lose a penny. They can even attend trade schools or other post-secondary institutions which do not even have hockey teams, and not lose a penny.

In the NCAA they cannot sign a "multi-year deal". The scholarship has to be renewed every year. Players can lose all or part of their scholarship for any one of a number of reasons such as injury, issues with a coach, a better player comes along, the team decides to "rebuild" in your 4th year, or the school cuts back on the scholarships for your team. If you switch schools you have to sit a season.

The other twist not mentioned in the story is that the NCAA considers CHL players to be "pro" thus making them ineligible to play NCAA. On the other hand, the CHL welcomes NCAA transfers, as does the CIS. This was not always the case.

Let's see if this issue is raised at the summit.

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