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Originally Posted by Brentbreakaway23 View Post
There are two types of Captains, the ringers an the role players.

In beer league you will find that the ringers tend to get better respect from the team than the role player does.

I think it's almost better that the team select a guy who is willing to be captain who can put up numbers. The team becomes less interested in hearing what the role player has to say when you talk about team strategy, or trying to correct individual mistakes.

It all depends on the Captain, the team and the personality.

What you will find in beer league is, most people do not want to be Captain. They don't want to have to accept the responsibility for organizing get-togethers, ice-times, deal with team and league management, league fees and collections, beer rotations, lineups, and other personal issues.

I say, it's always good to surround yourself with two assistant captains.

However, make sure you clarify what roles you want them to perform. My last team I Captained, I just had three 'A' Captains(including myself), I was just the chief organizer. But the other two assistants didn't do much to help me. I had to ask them for their opinions rather than have them give it to me.

I was kind of disappointed in one of my Captains because he never seemed to do much talking. Needless to say, even though I like the guy, we never play together anymore.
My role on the team is to be the shutdown center and as a player I would describe myself as being a grinder that just gives 100% all the time and stands up for his teammates. So maybe this is the reason my coached picked me. I'll just stick to what I'm doing and be a little more vocal thanks for the advice.

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