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08-18-2010, 09:58 PM
Little Nilan
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I used a premade routine this summer, because I had no time for anything, but I'm back next week on the routine that made me gain the most strength.

It's a Westside barbell inspired routine. But hockey is not my main sport anymore. Since it's yours, I highly recommend checking Westside for skinny ******** part III. It's just a great, great program for any sport.

It's basically a four day split:

Max effort lower body
Max effort upper body
Dynamic effort lower body
Dynamic effort upper body

A max effort exercise is one where you go up to your 1 rep max.

A dynamic effort exercise is one where speed is the focus. I go with three week waves of box squatting. I use 5o to 70% of my 1 rep max and do 12 to 8 sets of 2-3 reps at max speed with 45 sec rest.

Since I powerlift, I use bench/squat specific exercises. You would use the same lower body exercise, but your upper body work would different. You would drop the speed bench for some Push Jerks + a ton of repetitions after for example.

Mine looks like this:

Max effort suspended good morning
Free squats (5x5, rep max or 3x5)
Good mornings/back raises for reps
Abdominal work

Max effort ultra wide grip bench
Bench (5x5, rep max or 3x5)
Bent over rows
(chin ups)

Speed box squats
Deadlifts (5x5, rep max, 3x5)
Front squats
some assistance for volume
Abdominal work

Speed bench
Press (5x5, rep max, 3x5)
Pull ups
Chest rows

On days after upper body workouts:

I do a ton of dips or DB bench and pull ups (50 to 100)

After lower body workouts I do reps of reverse hypers unweighted, posterior chain work and light abs. This is both for recovery and hypertrophy

Sometimes I work on technique.

You don't need the technique work or bench/squat specialization. I would do the 4 day split and recovery work in the off-season.

This is a completely inappropriate program if you're in a serious league for in-season training. Drop the volume and frequency.

I like recovery a lot, I recommend it. All the posterior chain work and squatting is incredible. Good mornings, free squats, front squats and speed work will make you a monster. Add in a lot of upper body pulling and after 6 months everyone on your team will think you've been roiding. You'll ask yourself how is it you had problems gaining 5lbs, when you've just gained 15-20. Hockey is a disaster when it comes to strength and conditioning, be ahead of the curve.

Sled work, car pushing/pulling... all that strongman training is really good as well. Just don't ADD to the program, but replace something as you'll just overstrain yourself.

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