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08-18-2010, 11:22 PM
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but what's grinding my gears right now is the horrible judging and reffing in MMA. I swear it will cause MMA to go under.

Any1 who watched the last UFC PPV saw nothing more than a wrestling exhibition. Takedown followed by 4 minutes of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING The championship "Fight" between Silva and GSP Jr. being the 2nd biggest offender I believe Fitch's fight was the one that put my friend to sleep.

After 30 seconds if big shots aren't landed or a legitamate choke isn't applied stand them up. This takedown and lay down crap is not fighting.

Just watched Cruz and Benavidez on WEC. Benavidez cut and landed several heavy shots. Cruz continually leaped backwards.

The first and 3rd round Benavidez clearly won but Cruz gets a takedown with les than 15 seconds does absolutely NOTHING on top and pulls the round off due to the takedown which did nothing.

The scoring or judging needs to change because it's horrible. takedowns wind up doing absolutely nothing in the fight to help oir hurt either fighter with 10 seconds left yet they are scored higher than consistently hitting and forcing back your opponent. Isn't fighting more about punches and kicks than takedowns with 5 seconds left? Not in the UFC and WEC. I can just see it. 5 years from now all the fighters will be replaced with wrestlers and instead of trading fists these "Fighters" will trade takedowns.

I pray that the jiu jitsu guys make a comeback and start getting chokes and triangles from the bottom position a la Silva.

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