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08-18-2010, 11:54 PM
Ani simov mal
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From July 1st, to August 15th my routine had been about gaining strength. I would also go up in weight each warm up set. On my working sets I stayed on the same weight. The reason for this was to warm up the central nervous system without getting any muscle fatigue. Here is an example - I did 9 sets for squats. I started with 135, 155, 185, 205, 225 for the first 5 sets. For the remaining 4 sets, I did 250 pounds. I also lowered the reps each week for the working sets only. For example, my final week working sets for the squat was 4x1.

Monday: Squat 9x6, bench press 6x6, leg press 7x6, military press 6x6
Tuesday: Hockey
Wednesday: Cheated barbell rows 8x6, triceps extension 6x6, chin ups, bicep curls 6x6
Thursday: Hockey
Friday: Deadlift 9x6, Incline Bench Press 6x6, Shrugs 6x6, Toe ups 6x6
Saturday: Day off
Sunday: Hockey

From August 16th until September 13th (still in the routine) was training for power and speed. I did not use the higher weight each set method. I just stick with the same weight for the entire excercise.

Monday: Pylometrics then hockey
Tuesday: Hockey, but make sure I do 3 sets of suicides
Wednesday: Barbell squat jumps 4x6, Bench Press 3x5, Hang Clean 4x6, Military Press 4x6
Thursday: On ice aerobic conditioning (sprint for 15 seconds, coast for 30 for 6 reps and 3 sets.)
Friday: Different varietys of core workouts
Saturday: Day off
Sunday: Dumbell squat jumps, Bench Press, Standing broad jumps (3 sets, reps increase each week.)

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