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08-19-2010, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Who cares about age of consent.
Would you let your 16yo high school teenage girl, barely out of puberty, go out with a 22yo bum sex offender?..
Or even, would you let young 16yo go out with some 22yo (no matter what he is, bum or university student) ??

Furthermore, if I found out my 22 yo son had a 16yo girlfriend, I would be asking myself where I went wrong. Is there something that wrong with him that he can't pick up girls his own age.
How exactly does a 22yo have anything in common with a 16yo???..The maturity level of each of them should be completely different and too far from one another, which would make any type of mental stimulation impossible.

There is something absolutely wrong in a 22yo going out with a 16yo. It's wrong for so many reasons.
You are so right, I mean I can not fathom a situation where a 16 y/o girl and a 22 y/o guy can go out together. The guy is probably a pedophile and he will get younger and younger girls as he grows up, right?
Maturity levels develop the same way for ALL individuals, including the ones who have mental illnesses that may hinder their development. Anyhow, those ones should not be in a relationship whatsoever, right?

6 years of difference is humongous!
BTW : THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER. She's 21 and he's 27. What a pervert!

And all this is relevant to Guy Lafleur why exactly? He wasn't accused of letting his son be with that girl or even driving him to the hotel or even breaking the curfew. He was accused of making contradictory testimonies and that has been proven to be false by the court of appeal. He was not only acquitted, the Judge says the previous judgement was very flawed and made bad assumptions and that the witness (Lafleur) was right all along. Not only he did not lie, he was even right in his interpretation of the rules of the curfew.

But please, feel free to continue judging. You know better than those stupid court of appeal judges

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