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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
With all due respect, and I don't mean to be picky, but... It is true that they were healthy in the position that has done them in in many past postseasons, Defense. Pronger played hurt but not as hurt as Hatcher and Smith played the last extended postseason... however, aside from that, there were some major and minor injuries that would have sunk a team with less character and less resourceful. Two major forwards were out with broken bone and only returned due to hard work and the desire to return early, ignoring the pain.

One of the heart and soul players and a key penalty killer was out and was one of the they key forwards that missed the clinching First Round Game that the Flyers didn't miss a beat on, Lappy... Betts played through an injury that most people thought would knock him out of the POs, but held on until the off-season when he again had shoulder surgery. Leino took advantage of the situation at forward and stepped up when finally dressed... The somewhat thin depth in the System played well enough to allow the key players to win three series while Carter, Gagne and Lappy worked their way back.

Almost the entire playoffs were played without an NHL backup goalie... It was said with a chuckle that Leighton would be ready for the playoffs if the Flyers got past the Opening round; they did and he did... As soon as he dressed for his first game in Game Four, IIRC, of the Second Round, Boosh went out... Everybody thought that Boucher was out for the rest of the playoffs and they went again with an unproven and minor league backup... Boucher worked his way back to be able to backup most of the Finals... So there were injuries to both NHL goalies AND we can't ignore that the real starting goalie, Emery, was injured.

IMO there were major injuries to both the Forwards -- offensive players and Defensive ones -- as well as in Goal... Had the Flyers gone out against the Bruins in that Seventh Game or even earlier, we would have all pointed to Carter, Gagne and Lappy being hurt and Betts playing with a bad wing, and Emery out and Leighton not being able to play healthy nor get back into shape enough to be sharp.

... When I think about it, it was amazing what this team did... even more amazing than it appears at first blush.

No regrets for Flyers, they fought thru and overcame issues that wouldve sunk every other team long ago.

Reminds me why I like the Flyers. Real character, real heart.

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