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08-19-2010, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by CarlWinslow View Post
I don't mean to hijack the thread but I've been wondering something and I'm thinking that I'll just throw it in here since you have all been so helpful.

I'm considering a move to the golden horseshoe. I've been looking in Oakville, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, St. Catharines, Niagara... If I made this move I would immediately look to become a season ticket holder.

My question is, what is the travel time from these places to HSBC on game night including the border? Obviously its not an exact science but if you guys could ballpark it I would be able to figure out if its feasible.

I need to get out of this crime ridden hell hole known as Winnipeg.
Obviously St. Catherines and Niagara Falls would be the shortest. The Burl-Oak area would be an hour, maybe a touch more, particularly if you get jacked up by the 403/QE split where sometimes traffic can be rough coming south over the bridge but it's usually pretty smooth there, even at 5:00 p.m. in my experience. I'm usually going the other way thinking "so that's what moving traffic looks like!".

Kitchener-Waterloo/Cambridge area is a solid 2 hours given traffic and border. I've done it in less, but I have to admit that I regularly abuse Canadian speed limits. Highway 6 also isn't the best for speed freaks -- it's pretty much throttle controlled due to traffic levels let alone OPP.

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