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08-19-2010, 01:50 PM
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First Season - Beginner

Hey guys,

I'm a big hockey fan and I play a lot of ballhockey but never really tried to play on ice. I skated 5-6 times last year but I'm still having trouble with my balance and cant handle the puck but I can still get some good wrist shots on net (no slappers, I would kill myself).
I know a lot about positionning and as a winger, i'll try to play my position the best I can defensively (not let the point man get a shot through).

I joined the E league for beginners because a friend of mine who is also average but still a better skater than me, asked me to join for fun. But i'm really nervous cuz you know, I'm not a good skater at all. I'm taking some powerskating classes this weekend with midget and bantam players (i know they are gonna look at me funny , but I really need the practice). I love hockey and I hope I will be able to get better as the season gets older and that my teammates will accept me without making fun of me...

I will go to free skating and all but like I read in some other posts...I don't wanna be THE GUY.

Still will do my best and give 110% and short shifts for what its worth...

Just feeling nervous as my first game is the 7th of

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