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08-19-2010, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Going rate around here is $8 for roh and $10-$12 for FBV. The big thing with FBV is the way its designed, it does go through wheels faster than normal roh from what I've heard, which would increase the cost of offering that service. Our shop does not do FBV but is looking into getting the Blademaster equal soon.
Yes, I have noticed that is does burn through finishing wheels much quicker than the diamond dressing. I have the Blademaster version now. Not sure how long their rolls (spinners) are designed to last but they cost $125 each where Blackstones spinners are only around $60 each. Also they do offer a spinner system that will work with Blademaster machines. Cost is close to $2k. Thats a lot of sharpening to make that up. I think Blademasters system is $1500 with all 3 rolls (dressers) Do yourself a favor and get the MPFD magnetic table top unit and not the unit that attaches to the dressing arm. That is too bulky and heavy and is difficult to center on the stone.
This is the one you want.
You can use it on portables and other steel top machines.

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