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08-19-2010, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
This reminds me of the thread about David Fortin where people were saying the kid was a disgrace for giving so much trouble to his parents. As usual, people on HF boards are incapable of commiseration..

Also, I never said it excused anything. Understanding why something happened and commiseration do not mean you forgive or excuse. The two can be exclusive and I never said the son should get a free pass. But you jump to conclusions to enhance your argument again. It's not surprising that you can't even understand where I'm coming from since you appear to be incapable of empathy.
Actually no, all you do is defend them.
I initially said Lafleur was the one deserving the blame for his son's poor attitude/judgment/problems. I questioned his parenting skills, but then you said I didn't know anything or something like that (don't quite remember).

I have empathy for a lot of people, sexual offenders??..not so much. I guess I'm just THAT cruel. Sure, the guy might have had a rough childhood (if he did then you have to wonder why since he came from such a wealthy family, which will probably come back on the parents's fault), but he's still a moron.

I don't really care for understanding, it's besides the point. Someone might be born retarded for many scientific reasons, doesn't change the fact that he's retarded.
Samething over here, no matter what happened in the childhood, I'm sure the parents have some blame to take on and the kid is still a moron for what he's done.

I don't need to feel bad for them, I don't know them nor do I care about them.

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