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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
Having a 5 years plan doesn't mean you'll know your needs in 5 years. People have hyper-analysed way too much that 5 years plan and what it entails.

In any industry, a manager will first try to create a long-term plan of its goals. Doesn't mean he'll know every little details of what will happen down the road. It doesn't even mean that his plan will still be relevant in 5 years.
I was originally quoting Gauthier for mild humorous purposes. I mean it's never black or white, but Gauthier's quote sounded like someone who didn't see the value in signing Plekanec, Cammalleri, Gionta & etc.. for more than 5 years as he said he had no clue what the team needs would be at the end of their contracts (5 years). That you have to put in context also as he was answering a question about drafting by need vs BPA. Well not a very good answer to give

That said, I wouldn't say that a GM who can honestly say has a 5 year plan is a liar. Anybody doing this job has a base to go with. You can at least have a mild pictures of what your needs will be and make a sound medium to long term road map. I mean your current contracts is a serious hint don't you agree?

Ex: In 5 years we might actually need a midget winger who is fearless. Do we have that now? No? Well lets draft one

Edit: Well actually I think we got one in 2009 hehehe

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