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08-19-2010, 06:11 PM
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I loved Wendel Clark he was one of my favourite players in the NHL. I loved the way he played and his style and was a very good player and was good in cluch situations and had an amazing snap shot.

However no one can honestly say that he was a better player or had a better career then Linden. Trevor Linden was one of the best leaders ever. ALso the problem is Wendle Clark was injured alot. Yes it was becasue of the style he played but Linden was no slouch to hitting and fighting either

Linden lead his team to one win of the Stanley Cup and went toe to toe with Mark Messier that year as to was going to lead their team to victory. I mean Messier got the game winner but Linden scored both goals for Vancouver.

Also people saw Clark play more as Canucks games were not on tv too much so people did not see LInden as much especially when he was first starting off. Something has to be said for longevity. I mean he played 1000 games was really good in the playoffs. What does Clark beat Linden at really. Games lost to injury?
Do not get me wrong if I was picking from my heart I would want Clark on my team every day. However the way their careers went I would have to pick Linden. He was more consistent and realiable

I honestly believe Trevor Linden is one of the most underated players to play. One of the most underated captains ever. He might never have won a cup but I ask you of all the guys out there I would be hard pressed to name a guy who competed more every night then Linden for his team. He was the Canucks and never should have been traded away. He was not the most talented player in the game, He did not have the talent that a Messier or Yzerman had, yet I would compare him to them as far as leadership went.

Maple Leafs fans might pick Clark but they are picking from their heart. Clark was one of the most loved Leafs ever but just becaused you loved watching remember one thing. In the first 9 years of his career which were with Toronto, the Leafs played 728 games however Clark only played 463 of those games, which is only 64% of the games. I believe that for a player to be really important to a team they should be able to play alot more then only 64% of the time.

I think this is a good comparison because Wendel Clark had talent no question but sometimes it is not just talent that makes a player great it is being able to play every day especially if it is about being a leader too. You can have all the talent in the world but if you can't dress then who is more important to there team, and who is better.

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