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08-19-2010, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Most knowledgeable poster (prospects): Montreal, Thief, whitesnake
Best all around poster:
Best international poster: Alexander Serren Russo (sp?)
Best GDT person: MoenInGlory
Best female poster: Pyretta
Best Non-Habs poster: sjpopo or wtv his name his
Best rookie poster (2009 or 2010 sign up date: I'll have to get back to this one
Most improved poster: PunkinDrublic because he posts much less frequently now
Most sophisticated poster: Ohashi
Most underrated poster: Yarfangor, LyricallyRacist
Most entertaining poster: Le Gros Bill
Most optimistic poster: H10H always does a good job keeping spirits up, but maybe because that's his job
Most pessimistic poster: Partisan Du CH, Patofqc
Most bipolar poster: coolasPrice, sorry, but you'll never live down the 'Sunday Protest'
Poster you'd like to hit with a aluminum baseball bat: Partisan du CH, patofqc
Poster who uses sarcasm the best: overlords, obv.
Poster who uses sarcasm the worst:
Poster who has the best avatar: I think Habs still had his 'Kovalowned' avy up for 2009-2010, so that one I guess.
Poster who has the worst avatar: katatoniak until recently, he lost a bet and had a nordiques logo. Besides that: anyone else who has a nordique's logo.
Poster that you wish would post more often: Montreal
Poster who provides the best/fastest video high lights: Fel96 for speed, but Watsatheo has awesome compilations.
Favorite thread: the most recent poutine thread turned into an awesome all around montreal food thread.
Favorite post: can't think of one.
Favorite picture/gif: The recent picture with tremblay as Colonel Sanders was brilliant.
Favorite video: someone posted a really sick habs playoff tribute with awesome music, can't find it anymore though.
I'm happy with the award of the "Poster you'd like to hit with a aluminum baseball bat", because I'm not here to make friends I don't mind a good, respectful fight, and I usually only post when I disagree with someone. And you probably just don't like me because our opinions are often in the opposite spectrum.

But I'm not really happy with the "Most pessimistic poster" award. It's true that lately, I've posted a few more pessimistic posts, only to counter what I believe is some over-optimism from some of you. I mean, when someone tell me that Dustin Boyd will be a good top 6 forward for us, or that Lars Eller is already better than Dominic Moore, I can't help myself and I need to bring the guy back to Earth. But I'm a very optimistic guy in nature. You don't see me post often about PK Subban, for example, simply because I share the enthousiasm of most of you here. I just don't feel the need to post just to repeat what everyone says.

And seriously, you put me ahead of Jaybee??

But I generally try to post things that are gonna provoke and bring new angles about old debates. So I don't ask you to share my opinions. Just don't hit me with an aluminium bat, please...

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