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Originally Posted by arrbez View Post
Really? You can't think of a single thing Wendel Clark was better at?

How about goal scoring? Or physical play? Or the ability to put the fear of God into opponents with one look?

Can't argue about longevity, but at their best I take Wendel every day of the week. He was a huge game-changer, and money when the pressure was on.
Wendel Clark was so much of a better goal scorer? Both had 6 30 goal seasons. Yes Clark did have 46 in one year, although he did have a better shot then Linden. Oh my comment was more of a joke. Do not get so defensive about the all mighty Clark. If you read my post you will know he was one of my favourite players.

Physically I think it is even. Linden could hit as hard as anyone. Now maybe Clark to you had many more but once again how much of Linden did you see.

Fear of god into opponents. Really? That is what makes one better. Ulf Samuelsson put the fear of God in players too for being such a cheap shot artist. Also how many games did he play? Where was there to put the fear of god in those games.

At their best you would take Clark. Let me guess it was becasue he was more physical, a better scorer and put the fear of god into the opposition. It is funny Linden was not too afraid of Clark when the Canucks beat the Leafs in '94. I would not say he was much more clutch then Linden. In fact because he was either injured or could not help lead the Leafs to the Final I have to give it to Linden. Plus with the Leafs here is the question who was more clutch Clark or Gilmour? Who was more of a leader? In Vancouver Linden might not have been the most skilled player but he was truly their heart and soul no question there.

I never said it was a landslide I just do not know how anyone who is not biased can say Clark was better then Linden. Like I said my favourite of the two players is Clark. However one has to put favourites aside when picking who was better and not just who you like more

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