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Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig View Post
That's not really what I was saying though. I was trying to point out that 99% of the people outside of maybe the Hawks board knew pretty much nothing about the guy. I'm sure there were many people saying Lee's brother Billy may come over, how many people were searching google or whatever trying to find something on him? To me it's the same thing as when some kid gets drafted in the 6'th round. People have no clue as to who the kid is but they get excited because it's new blood. One paragraph and some stats does it for some people.
And you would be wrong, there were several people that I talked to and read about who knew who he was without looking anything up. In fact a close friend of mine described Lee to me as the brother of that guy who played on the under 18 US team with the major wheels and proceed to tell me a fair amount (startling to me really) about the guy.

I think you might be very surprised at the depth of knowledge of some people in a very general way.

I don't follow hockey like that (never did), boxing was always my thing but if you had someone on Bill Sweatts level as a prospect in boxing during the 80's or 90's I would probably have been able to discuss him in some detail without looking anything up and if you remember that period getting such information was a much more difficult prospect.

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