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Originally Posted by arrbez View Post
I'm not sure what you're getting at? Are you suggesting Wendel Clark went around taking runs at player's knees and refused to fight like Ulf?

Or are you saying that intimidation has no value? Clark was one of the most devastating fighters ever, and he'd go with anyone. To have a legit heavyweight enforcer who can play alongside your other star players and pot 35 goals a year? That's crazy valuable.
What I am saying is that intimidation does not have that much value. Remember if Clark was as feared as you say he was. How would that affect the opposition for 36% of Toronto games in his first 9 seasons he played. For those games he was on the sideline and could not do anything. That is why being a consistent player like Linden and a guy who plays more games is better. I mean you have to admit that Linden was a physical player and did alot for his team, Which of course Clark did that too. Now think fo this everything you said Clark can do besides score that helped the Leafs. Not just the goals but hitting and fighting etc.. Now imagine that the Leafs had him for alot more game at least an extra 20% of the games then what happens. Not only does he score more but Toronto has a better chance to win. Now go to Vancouver and take Trevor Linden away for at least 20% percent of their games. The Canucks do not win as many games becasue of what he did. SO who was better a guy? was it the guy who was their every day or a guy who was only their 2/3 of the season? Who did more for his team who was more valuable? Remember it is not about what if or what might have been it is what happened in a players career. Linden had the better career overall no question about it. He was the captain who was at practice practicing hard. He lead by example he did whatever the team needed and he was good offensively too. We haven't even talked about how much better he was defensively then Clark as well

Yes Wendel clark was a very good fighter and really you could say underated. However is that what puts him on top. Linden would fight with anyone too. He might lose the fight sometimes more so then Clark but alot of times it is not that the player wins the fight it is showing his heart and the team he is willing to stand up for his teamates. In the end yes Clark was a better fighter but if that is why you are saying he is better then Linden, then you are reaching.

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