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08-20-2010, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by xxxZENxxx View Post
In an ideal world, you keep both Dubi and Cally for the long haul. The main issue I have is that both of these players have ceilings that they might never even come close to. Cally was a guy that was so good offensively in Hartford, that other teams had to make a plan to shut him down. What on Earth happened to the goal scoring??? And then there is Dubi... who is now entering his 4th full season and has yet to put up 45 points (albeit that last year was injury shortened). In general for both... just a whole lot of potential not reached so far.

The problem is when you have a chance to get a high profile player (i.e. Heatley) in a trade that puts up a ton of points, you can't make 2nd/3rd line players like Dubi/Cally untouchable. It doesn't matter what they do. They are expendable for the right price.

BTW- this is coming from someone who loves Cally's game. I think Dubi is frustrating as hell, but still want to see him stick around.
I don't think you can look at juniors and AHL numbers to assess what the players production should be in the NHL. These guys IMO were never guys who were going to be huge offensive forces. I think Dubi has far more potential than I thought he would coming into the league.

Cally has never had the skill set that should have led anyone to believe he was going to be a big time offensive player in this league.

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
There doesn't need to be a Callahan vs Dubinsky debate in every thread.

Let's get a couple things straight, here:

1-Dubinsky is NOT going to be traded.

2-Callahan is a bottom 6 player.

Callahan is easily the most overrated player I can ever remember to play for the Rangers.

People want to talk about Dubinsky being nothing but potential, and then call Callahan consistent? In what? Effort? Sure. In production? No. He goes stretches without a point. I wouldn't call that consistent. If its considered inconsistent for other players, then its inconsistent for Callahan, too. He's not immune.

Please, keep things in perspective. He is a fine 3rd line player(probably eventually 4th), PK specialist. Nothing more.

People calling him a 30 goal scorer shouldn't hold their breath. And I honestly doubt he ever reaches 40 points again. Or possibly score 20+ goals again. He's going to start dropping in the depth chart real soon with guys like Grachev(able to play both wings), Kreider(able to play both wings), Weise(bigger, stronger, more skilled), Zuccarello-Aasen(clearly more skilled).

Callahan is a heart and soul guy, who gets by on effort. He has limited skills. He has no hands, no playmaking skills, a weak and inaccurate shot, basically no instincts with the puck in the offensive zone at all.

He's a guy you want on a contender, yes. He's a guy you want in the lockerroom, yes. He's a guy you can send onto the ice in a key defensive situation, yes. He is someone you can send on the ice when you need to give your team an energy boost. He is not a guy that can carry a team, he's not a scoring threat, he's not intimidating physically. He is a guy that could be named captain based on how he conducts himself. But that doesn't mean he's a very good player. I can name a ton of players I'd trade him for in a second if they were offered. But, yea, in a sense I'd like him to remain a Ranger due to his "intangibles".

Another thing to consider is if he starts asking for more then what he's making now. He's already slightly overpaid. You don't pay 3 mil for a 15 goal, 30 point, 3rd line checker. If that's what he's going to ask for. Weise, with better hands, better shot, bigger, stronger, and physical, just scored nearly 30 goals as a 21 year old in Hartford. He could easily replace Callahan on the 3rd line for a fraction of the cost.

I love Callahan, but its one thing to love a player and another to call him something he isn't. He is a nice 3rd line energy player. He isn't carrying this team anywhere.

I agree. I think what's weird is people saying they like Callahan because you know what you're getting, or he plays to his capabilities. So they like him more than Dubi because Dubi has more talent and potential? I don't really understand that.

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