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Originally Posted by Jabba11 View Post
Yzerman replaced the whole management and he was smart enough to sign Al Murray as director of scouting. If you know who Al Murray is, you know he would make a better director than Timmins. On HFboards there are a lot of anti-francophones. The thing is, it's not with Gauthier nor the roster we have that we will ever get near the Cup again. We have a good core, but all we do each year is the same thing...trying to get into the playoffs by the back door than hope for some miracle. Last year, we faced 2 teams that were all offensive and no defense. Yes, the Penguins don't have any defense at all. We had Halak who mesmerized everybody but when it was time to face a more grittier and physical team like the Flyers, we got killed. The team needs to change their philosophy, and it should start with the scouting team. Don't try to make fun of me with the prospects because maybe the person you're trying to make fun knows more than you. At least, Yzerman did something this summer. All Gauthier did was signing Plekanec and he still isn't done with Price. The past is the past, although in the past we won with Quebecois, and even if people always say that it doesn't matter if they're french, americains or chinese, the Montreal Canadien has a strong history of french winners and we should give the chance to kids from our own province. Seeing David Perron, Letang, and upcoming guys like Caron shows that we missed on great players. Where's Pacioretty and Mcdonagh compared to Perron now?? We can include Claude Giroux..french-ontarian playing in the Q..too small? From the Q?
You realize the Habs weren't the only team not to pick those players, right? It's easy to say what they should or shouldn't have done now, but at the time they had to make what they thought was the best move for the team. I'm all for drafting french players, but not if it means not picking a guy who they feel is a better fit for the team. Letang for example was only selected in the 3rd round, but you only criticize the Habs for not picking him. Now that he's established player in the league, it's much easier to say the Habs should have picked him. Yeah we missed out on good players, but so does every other team. A bunch of teams missed out on guys like Subban and Plekanec, but you don't applaud the team for those good picks.

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