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08-20-2010, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Yea, we should give a chance to francophones. And when we win we should all go to chucky cheeze.

Get real buddy, times have changed. All people like to do is whine about this issue, but when you use your head for just a minute you realize why it's simply not that possible anymore. Drafting has changed significantly than from the ''Flying Frenchmen Era''. There are a lot more teams. There's a lot more pressure on the players. There's EUROPEANS and a lot more good players coming from North America outside Quebec.

It's quite easy to whine about draft picks once they're up in the NHL. Hard part is to do it at the draft table.
But we changed most of our scouting team and the replacements are good.

This french debate is beyond ridiculous. At this point I just can't wait for a Qc team to reappear just to see how well they stock up on Qc born players.
If you think about it, it probably wouldn't require "stocking up". All it would take is that one French player that even kids outside Quebec grow up wanting to be like. That's what Montreal has been missing for, well, at least a decade. That one French guy that is so good that hockey fans in Quebec can look everyone else in the eye with pride and say "See, you wanna be like him, too." That was the power of players like Roy, and even Lecavalier to an extent.

Having a team full of Lapierres, Latendresses, and Begins, etc wouldn't achieve anything as no one outside Quebec has ever cared about them, and they did nothing to remind everyone else that quality hockey players can come from Quebec, too. And I think that's part of what it comes down to: even one star French player can help legitimize Quebec's relevance among top talent-producing areas, and that's where the pride derives from, imo, with extra bonus for those who have brought a championship "back home".

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