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08-20-2010, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by fish22100 View Post
You realize the Habs weren't the only team not to pick those players, right? It's easy to say what they should or shouldn't have done now, but at the time they had to make what they thought was the best move for the team. I'm all for drafting french players, but not if it means not picking a guy who they feel is a better fit for the team. Letang for example was only selected in the 3rd round, but you only criticize the Habs for not picking him. Now that he's established player in the league, it's much easier to say the Habs should have picked him. Yeah we missed out on good players, but so does every other team. A bunch of teams missed out on guys like Subban and Plekanec, but you don't applaud the team for those good picks.
Yes it is easy to say that Letang turn out good since he already established himself in the league. But I dare to say that passing up on guys like Charles-Olivier Roussel, Nicolas Deslauriers and Jerome Gauthier-Leduc will hurt us in the future. Still, no Mcdonagh nor Fischer in the league yet. Sure, Timmins had some great picks in Subban, Kristo and Leblanc, but you do know that some scouts don't even come to watch Rouyn Noranda's games and that's where the Canadien should take profit and scout better in the Q. Giving the fact that some NHL teams don't even care about the Q, but when it comes to the NHL, those from the Q usually turn out really good. Why does Pittsburgh take chances on Letang, and even Després? Because somewhere they know that these players will become good NHLers.

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