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08-20-2010, 02:00 PM
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Players who got too much credit for the success of others

.... and players who didn't get enough.

Who are some great examples? I think two examples right off the bat for players who get too much credit for the success of others are Mario Lemieux and Jarome Iginla. Don't get me wrong, I love Captain Iggy but I feel he gets more credit than he deserves. People (myself included) say Iginla makes everyone around him a better player and he does. However, it was pretty ridiculous once Cammy left town and fans were saying how he was a product of Iginla. Cammy still scored at 39 goal pace in Montreal, and was their best skater in the playoffs. The only thing Cammalleri suffered on was assists.

For Mario, it's the who Jagr debate. "Jagr racked up so much points because of Mario!" which I just don't believe. Jagr won FIVE Art Ross Trophies. Of those 5, only ONE was with Lemieux on the roster. Jagr gets underrated a lot because of this (as evidenced by all of the ridiculous Forsberg and Lindros comparison threads). Jagr on his own was the best player in the League without Lemieux there.

The best example ever of someone who doesn't get enough credit is Adam Oates. I don't even need to explain why because I'm sure you all know.

But, I want to know who are other players who received too much credit and who didn't get enough?

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