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Originally Posted by skilk View Post
Hey Sens fans,

I have a summer internship with Adobe, that is sending me to Ottawa for the week next week! I am there Monday evening through Friday afternoon, and although I will be working during the day, I will have some free time at night (or maybe if I can slip out of the office for a long lunch).

Are there any Sens events going on by any chance? I know it is a dead part of the season and it is usually players just working out on their own, but I thought it'd be interesting to take in a little bit of Sens culture while I'm visiting.

I'm sure the people in my group will be showing me around, but is there anything I absolutely need to see while in the city?

This is my first trip to Canada, and although it isn't during the season, I am still very excited.

There are alot of museums and gallerys thata re must sees.The market is another as well as the canal.There is alot to do downtown and area i would suggest you search ottawa and look up attractions.There is a protest planned for donwtown this monday i have no idea how big it will be but my guess it will be fair size it is in support of the tamil refugees.The last tamil protest they did block traffic etc so it may be hard to get around downtown on monday.

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