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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post

1) The abolition of the territorial right to draft two Québécois.

2) Expansion from 6 to 12 and ultimately 30 teams, which dilutes the pool of worthwhile francophone players in every round of the draft.
3) The unwillingness of the original Molson ownership to pay top salaries, which resulted in the trade of several francophone stars (e.g., Damphousse).
4) Inept drafting by three Québécois GMs in a row (Sege Savard, Réjean Houle, and André Savard).
5) An unwillingness of Québécois free agents to come to Montréal E.g., Vincent Lecavalier) and a desire to get out of Montréal (e.g., Guillaume Latendresse).
6) Influx of European and American talent.
7) The inability of the QMJHL and lower leagues in the province to develop NHL-worthy players.
1 ) The territorial rights and the two québecois thing is completely, but completely different.

2 ) Actually, if there wouldn't be a draft, it wouldn't matter if there were 12 or 30 teams. But now that there's a draft, well...

3 ) That was a painful era, but it has more to do with the loonie being extra-low than anything else.

4 ) André Savard was actually a decent drafter. Same with Savard. (although he flopped badly with some 1st rounders from QC)

5 ) It all comes to draft. Vinny was made a star in Tampa. Why would he leave? And would you want that contract anyways?

This said, you couldn't be more right on point 6 and 7.

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