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08-20-2010, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Supertramp View Post
Team990 is pretty good sometimes. I just think they need fresh, new blood. Hearing hockey-talk from guys who don't know anything about hockey is getting pretty annoying.
Used to listen to Marinaro?

Originally Posted by bobbyfour View Post
Just my opinion. I spend a lot of time in my car running around town.

The morning show: Starr and Casavant[sp] are entertaining and somewhat knowledgeable. Price has a great background in baseball, but sometimes I wish he would just shut up. The guy does`nt know when to stop!!

Marinarro[sp] puhleeeze!!! The guy is way too insecure, allways pointing out when one of his predictions come true. Does anyone remember his plan to revamp the Canadiens? lol I`d take his "hockey wisdom" a lot more seriously if he could skate lmao

Tieman: knowledgeable sports guy, but not meant for a radio show. Every segment starts with "let`s have some fun with this"

Melnic: I actually like the music he plays. Unfortunately all his minions think they have to copy him.
His show is original, has good guests, and his opinions are well stated.

The rest of the cast that fills in are like listening to college radio. Scintillating conversations about tweeter and who`s buying the coffe make me slide in my old cd of Exile on Main Street.

Just my opinion
Same here, in car all the time

The morning show, I have no issues with, good balance, between the three there's a decent knowledge base to draw from, Price is over the top sometimes, but that off sets the drier Casavant

As for Marinaro, I could do without, The I told you so attitude is way past old. The Mcguire love is just as old. Thankfully I miss him more often that not.

Tieman is as knowledgeable as it gets, just wish he was a little more colorful.

Melnick; i need to take with a grain of salt most of the time.
Pontificating self serving blowhard at times. but he does have great guests, and at times he does serve up some great commentary.
His peons I can do without

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