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08-21-2010, 04:46 AM
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Originally Posted by SeriousFan09 View Post
A minor bone fracture is still a fracture and inhibits everything a player can do at times, stickhandling and shooting are very precise activities and little things throw them off. Vincent Lecavalier's had multiple surgeries on his shoulders now, his goal scoring touch has been badly impacted because of it.

Yzerman played while grinding his ligaments on one knee in the Olympics and 2002 Playoffs. Some people will play through pain we can't even comprehend.
Perhaps, but a collarbone is, well, a bone. You can't play with a broken bone such as important as the collarbone. Some players will finish a game with a broken foot, but as soon as they take that foot out of the skate, it's over.
Players might finish a shift with a broken arm or hand, but once they get back to the bench and get it checked, they're gone.
Heck, fighters will go through a fight to the end even if they break their hand (break a leg and they quit though), but once the fight is over, they take months off to recuperate.

A hockey player cannot play with a broken collarbone, it's impossible. Do you understand that you can't even lift your arm when it's broken???..It's as if you're telling me you can play with a broken leg.
You simply can't.

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