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08-21-2010, 11:17 AM
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Central division, what's your rankings?

Ok.....So uh.......yeah.

I look at the Central Division and frankly it's going to be a back alley knife fight to the death where the person who sneaks in a gun wins.

Or, my last family reunion.

I could make a case for Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, lot of the hype is in St. Louis. Columbus, I just don't see it.

What I will say is this, the winner of the Central will be the favorite to win the cup. Just too many strong teams not to be a cupcake.

St. Louis may have upgraded at goal but Mason had a 30-22-8 record which isn't that bad. They are also going to get a year older. They are young and that is always the mantra for youth.

Chicago lost a lot of offense, the Niemi Turco trade is a push unless Turco's skills really decline in the season. The Pisani pickup is a nice one and will be what the Hawks need, a cog who can eat minutes. Offensively they will fall back to Earth but the defense will still be tough.

Nashville. Arnott and Lombardi are offensively a push. Defensively, the edge goes to Lombardi. Kostitsyn is a chap gamble who if works out will be a phenomenal pick-up for the team. Defense scares me a little. There is youth and quantity but no solid vet in the mix not named Boullion. Ryan Ellis might see 9 games. Blum will be the first call up. Sulzer and Laakso can play games. No commentary on goal right now. Defensively, Nashville HAS to tighten up, they were the 4th best GA defense in the Central and that is unacceptable.

Detroit is my pick to win the division. They picked up a solid vet in Modano and last year they had every plague in the bible set against them and they STILL made the playoffs. For a Preds fan, it would be a wonderful year for Howard to have a sophomore slump. Hudler is back from Russia and we get to see how a KHL player comes back to the NHL and see if there is a need for an adjustment.

Columbus gained Fliatov another KHL returner. If he can provide offense for the BJ's and Mason reverses his cranial rectal inversion the bugs could be a dark horse for a playoff spot.

Who you got?

Nashville (Could easily flip-flop with Chicago if everything works out)
St. Louis

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