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08-21-2010, 11:53 AM
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For some it appears that the lines are a bit blurred. The "priority list" appears to be something like this:

1. Montreal (any language?)
2. Quebec (any language?)
3. Francophone (from anywhere)
4. French name (from anywhere)
5. Anybody who can speak French

I'm not even really sure where Q players of any ethnic background fit into the list

I'm trying to imagine the guys at the draft table trying to decide who to pick based on so many "extra" criteria above playing ability. I'm sure to some it sounds really easy. Especially when one of those "steal" opportunities are out there in rounds 3 to 5

The process is further complicated by the fact that only about 25% of the draft is specifically from the Q. With not too any first rounders historically. That and Montreal constantly being in the lower half of the draft bracket every year. That and not all of the Q players drafted are French first language.

How many risks should the club take every year to fit the draft Q players / French?

Also, what if said Q player was an English first language player from the Atlantic provinces? Would that satisfy what folks are really after?

This whole things complicates drafting a winner a lot more than folks care to admit.

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