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08-21-2010, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan View Post
Hey. By all means determine the real opportunities in your backyard. If it satisfies the "other criteria" for making up the team, no problems for me at all. I agree with what you are saying there.

But is it complicated? Well it seems to me in a situation where even if they did draft from the Q and there might be criticism because it might be somebody like say Nathan Beaulieu who plays in the Q but was born in Ontario and is English first language as far as I know. THAT to me is complicated. It sounds like folks might complain regardless of a "Q player" being identified as a bonifide prospect. Or do scouts have to do more than simply identify Q talent?

And now that I think about it. The term "Flying Frenchmen". It sounds like something an English journalist came up with. Not to mention "Frenchmen". The whole discussion seems ironic a few ways. Is there a Quebec equivalent to that moniker?
What's really complicated actually is what the media are making of it depending of the situation. Like I said before, no media EVER would have cared about the Cédric Desjardins trade if we'd have alreayd 10 Quebecers on the team, that we would have drafted 3 of them in the past draft and would have invited 2 of them in our last camp. So your example of a Beaulieu for example, well it would be the same. He'd be not enough Quebecer for them depending if we have or not already enough Québécois.

Yes, some folks would complain. Like some people complained about Leblanc because he didn't play in the Q. Nobody knows that we drafted Paquet when we did 'cause he was playing in College. The media don't care 'cause they are too ignorant to do so.

And it also has to do A LOT with the quality of the player. I can tell you that in their mind, Sean Couturier Is a Quebecer. Now the same media have no idea who Beaulieu is. So at one point, they might have their own reservations when we'll draft him saying all that stuff you said.....but if he ends up doing great....don't worry....he'll be a Quebecer alright.......

I understand the complications you are talking about. Because there's so many opinions coming from a lot of dumbasses. So I guess it becomes less complicated when you actually try to go with the non-stupid ones. I personnally do believe in local flavour. I do not believe in having the "numbers" just for the fun of it.

What I'm more frustrated about than anything is that an organization like the Habs are surfing with this without saying a single word. The journalists and medias are allowed to be stupid 'cause there's actually noboyd who refutes their allegation. Then, their truth becomes THE truth. Believed then by stupid fans who unfortunately aren't rare amongst Habs fans. Then will become a distraction, a booing of a player when chosen a star, a mockery when he makes a save and the upcoming Halak chances when he'll give 1 goal in a row.

I REALLY don't understand how this organization doesn't see it. Most people in here, but I'm not talking about the extremists of both sides, the most reserved ones that believes somewhat in local but not detrimental to the talent, comes with the greatest arguments that would shut up most of the stupid media and would make understand to the fans a whole lot more than what's vehiculated right now. I missed the ******** comment from Gainey. I also miss the "crasse" from Melanson. While I do think you should do this every day, it comes a time when enough is enough. Clearly Gauthier doesn't seem to think it's important. I'll believe he'll learn it the hard way.

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