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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
alright im an equipment geek, post your setup
Good thread bumber.....

Helmet - Bauer 4500 black helm with oakley halfie
Shoulder - Some random ass CCM shoulders ( if i don't wear shoulders i feel naked)
Elbows - Jofa high end ones...
Gloves - Colin White Warrior Pro stock w/ added arm cuff
Pants - Bauer One90 pants
Shins - Easton Big ones for better protection
Skates - Bauer Vapor XX's I had em when they came out 4 years ago in collage and they r starting to die on me.. gunna get the XXX's or XXXX's if they come out soon enough

Sticks - Clarkson Pro model S19 , Corrente SE16 pro stock ( both are sakic patterns for the most part) Shanahan Pro stock ( dont really use this one much cause its short)

As back ups i have a Heatly S17 and a Bauer XXX that i custom made online.

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