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Originally Posted by Hollywood3 View Post
This is starting to tick me off. Every league on Earth has a schedule out. I need to know when the Moose are at home otherwise I may have to cancel my weekend package, on which I have already paid a deposit.

Quick internet search:
Central League - August 6th
EC League - June 8th
Western League - June 30th
Canada West - June 23rd
Southern Pro League - July 5th

This makes the AHL look really backwards.
OK How many of those leagues listed have teams that share a building with an NBA team? The AHL has at least 5 or 6 and those teams(The NBA teams as stated before in this thread) are the PRIMARY tenents of those buildings with the AHL getting seconds on the use of the building. The NBA schedule just came out 2 weeks ago on the 10th of August( well it'll be 2 weeks by the time the AHL one comes out).....the AHL after seeing the NBA schedule then has to go back to it's own schedule and check for conflicting dates with the NBA( can't play hockey and B-ball in same building at same time) if it finds any it then has to go to alternate dates for the AHL team and make sure that works for the building(what if there's a concert that night already booked) and also for the visiting team( Can't have a team in Abbotsford on sat night and expect them to travel to Cleveland for a sunday game). Then and only then will the schedule be released. In my opinion 2 weeks is a pretty good turnaround on that and I have no problem with WHEN the schedule comes beef is WHAT it contains in the way of opponents.

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