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Originally Posted by Lexicon Devil View Post
Are you really that familiar with New Jersey? There are plenty of boring housing developments, crappy chain restaurants, and big-box retailers within a few miles of the Meadowlands... just like SBP. That is why I made the comparison. Newark, on the other hand, is a real city, and while far from America's greatest city, shares nothing in common with the sprawling suburbia of Kanata.

I'm sure people like living in Kanata, for whatever reason. But I can guarantee that a visitor wouldn't want to spend anymore time than necessary there (unless perhaps they were a golfer). In fact "there is no there there." The center of the 'city' you are comparing to Newark is a giant parking lot. Maybe you should direct the Boston guy there so that they can go to Boston Pizza.
Kanata is a good area there are penty of reason why people like living there.Be it the countless golf courses the tons of bike paths and ski paths to the stores and resturants its one of canadas fastest growing communitys.Maybe comparing it to newark was not the best thing but my point is kanata is not as bad as some make it out to be.With in 5-10 years from now when all the devlopemtn is done people will be saying or most will be upset because there are to many houses to many malls and to many hotels etc.Again kanata is not perfect but its not the middle of no where.

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