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08-21-2010, 08:27 PM
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Kinda tough call... most of our [anticipated] big minute eaters have been around long enough that we know what to expect, save Regin and Karlsson.

I'd have to go with Foligno, he should find himself playing pretty consistent top-6 minutes this season. He's a fun kid to watch, and you can tell he has alot in him, he just seems to play above his head too often.

I'm not so sure I'm expecting Regin to have a "breakout" season, I think he'll end up with ~20g and sound defensive play. While this is nothing to sneeze at, I can't see him decimating last season's numbers, nor do I expect he could improve that much elsewhere that it would overshadow that - Which is not a slight at him, he's just very solid all around already.

As for Karlsson, I think his numbers will improve a fair amount. I don't think this will be his "breakout" season though, this will just be another year picking up some new stuff to tie together in coming seasons. He has an unreal learning curve though, and could certainly do otherwise in the blink of an eye, I just see him as a guy that will take a bit more time to optimize what he knows. Of course the same could be said of almost any young defencemen..

As an aside, I think Smith will have a good season with us. I'm just not willing to call a rookie season a breakout season, not that I'm expecting a ****tonne of points.

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