Thread: The Sun: Awkward time for Leafs
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08-21-2010, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Beleafer4 View Post
its this kind of crap that pisses kaberle off. Calling him an infection and a mess is just retarted.
This article is the real infection, trying to stir up negative responses.
for sure but he must realize that this opinion is not shared by everyone, or basically anyone that matters, including the franchise and the fans imo. articles are just articles and sportswriters are just sportswriters.

that is what bugs me a lot about this city. most sportswriters represent the fans and city itself, and there`s a common opinion shared by both (i`ve noticed this especially in smaller market cities). Toronto is just all over the place. we`re polluted with garbage writers. it`s sad that all these morons can just print whatever they want.

Originally Posted by jaateloauto View Post
I move to propose Toronto Sun to be banned from these forums.
Eklund > Toronto Sun

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