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08-22-2010, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
I loathe Toronto. I dislike that city, still, any day of the week I would gladly take a guy like Subban who is a diehard Habs over a guy like St-Louis who always hated the Habs.

I'd take Cammy and his pride of playing for this great franchise, over a guy like Brière who used the Habs to get what he wanted.

Quebec born players have been a pain in the *** for the Habs over the last 20 years. And the players themselves have often passed on the chance of playing here.

I find it strange there's more resentment towards the Habs for the state of the situation in regards to Quebec born players, when most of the talented ones all passed on their chance to come here in their prime.
Which prooves that it's not ALWAYS the best thing to go with the french local player. We have established that already. There wouldn't be a time where we'll have 20 french local players.....So what you're saying, mixed with what other are saying, could mean that this team should just have a better mix. Didn't know the fact about St-Louis. I know a guy like Patrice Bergeron hated the Habs with a passion being a Nords fan and all. As far as Brière is concerned, I know people close to people....and he didn't used the Habs. He really was interested in coming. But from what you are saying, I'd name you the Laperrière who wanted to come for a long time now.....Beauchemin....Bouillon who would have love to stay and so on.....Yes, some aren't interested 'cause of the stupid pressure. Some don't mind. But especially, some wouldn't mind IF there would be others of their "kind" with them in the first place.

None are interested in being the sole french voice of the team.

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