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Originally Posted by Adversary View Post
I think you are the one missing the point. Linden was an excellent player and, I believe, underrated.

But seriously, who would you rather have play 1000 games for your team ... ?
No you are missing the point in. I was making a point of the intangibles that Clark provided like hitting and being a leader. If a guy can score but is not their to do the other things people say is good at then how is he helping the team.

In order for Wendel Clark to play 1000 it would have taken him abother 10 years if he was lucky. Maybe playing 40-50 games a year.

That is my point. He can not score or hit or do anything when he is in the press box which he was too many times. Trevor Linden was their battling every day for his team. He might not average a point per game or even a goal per game but he is there in game 22, game 61, and game 80 to try and make sure his team makes the playoffs and of course play all those games too. Which games would Wendel play. He might be there for game 10 but not around again until game 32, who knows. That is my point

If you are going to ask a question like who would you rather play 1000 games. Make sure one fo the guys didn't Because it is about reality and what a guy did do not what could have he done.

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