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08-22-2010, 04:20 PM
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Yeah, I figured you guys would take it. After all, you probably get the best player in the deal. Caps fans are down on him after his playoff performance, while management seems to see him as redundant. Canucks fans on the other hand aren't too sad to see Bieksa go, and this would fill a couple holes for us. I think the only objection comes from Nucks fans who think we can't fit Ward under the cap.

I'm thinking about putting this on the main board. Could it be the one of the only three-way deals accepted by all fans?

Note: I don't think Gillis would actually do this since it seems he's looking for more. The deal would have to be sweetened with a draft pick or prospect, which could potentially come from both Washington and Nashville, oddly enough (since the Caps seem to be shopping Flash pretty hard). But I would be happy with the deal even without further additions. Thanks for your feedback!

Edit: Can you guys give me additional information on Ward? My understanding is that he's fast, hard-working, and defensively responsible. Not great hands, but not horrible. Big body, though not necessarily very physical. Does this sound about right? Where do most of his points come from -- crashing the net?

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