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08-22-2010, 08:02 PM
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The type of players you see at the rink(or with your team)

I got to thinking lately, that even though I have played on two handfuls of teams, most teams and drop-ins tend to pick up the same personalities, among them here they are:

-The over-ager. He's been playing forever, maybe quit and picked it back up again, a shade of what he used to be.

-The Light-switch. A light-switch is a ringer who hides among the team. A lot of times he holds back, and only plays when his team desperately needs a goal. He's holding back so he doesn't stand out and has to get moved up to the next level.

-The fat-guy. Not all fat-guys are bad, some are decent skaters and have good skills with the puck, but they are still fat and stand out.

-The leg-rubber. I can't stand it when I am in a game or playing drop-in and some guy wants to cozy up next to you and seems to insist on either crowding you out and putting his leg right against yours now matter how many times you move over or slide down the bench.

-The Picker. We've seen these guys, they play a 25 foot game and that's it.

-The selfish one. The guy who always shoots, never passes, and always insists that the scorekeeper make sure he got his number on the assist.

-The quiet guy. Quiet guy doesn't talk much, self-explanatory.

-The I know everything about Hockey guy. The I know everything about hockey guy knows everything, about where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to do. Except, typically he never does it himself.

-The always off-sides guy. These guy's don't understand the concept of the blueline.

-The Hacker. The hacker is careless with his stick. Watch out for him.

-The New guy. The new guy typically plays above his level, and, it's obvious.

-The Voice-over. The voice-over loves to yell at the refs and the players.

-Stinky goalie: One on every team.

-The late guy. Every team has one. He shows up right before the team is ready to hit the ice, or in some instances misses an entire period or two. Being prompt or courteous to his team is something he never learned.

-The *****er. The *****er doesn't do anything really, except whine to the refs about every minuscule tap or imaginary off-sides that never really occurred. They tend to be the most embarassing of the bunch, and usually don't contribute much.

-The Yapper. Every team has one. Some guy on the bench who loves to chat with his team-mate. Typically, he distracts his team-mates and himself so much that he misses his shift or forces his team-mates to miss his.

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