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most teams i ever played on, those guys were all told to leave. what kind of team would accept most of those guys?
heres a description of my team.
the wizard.a guy can stickhandle around teams at will and usually does.
the grinder. guy who will take multiple punishment to screen goalies or protect his own goalie's crease and loves the corners.....(we have LOTS of those guys)
the rifleman or sniper.this guy scores almost every time he shoots.(we have one of these guys )
the effort guy. he never stops hustling ...especially if he gives up the puck.(team has more than our fair share of this guy)
the tough guy...if and when one of the old echl guys on another team (our league has a few ex pros)wants to act tough , this guy will call him on it...and never backs down.(we have 2 of these guys, and its fun to watch them go about their business)
the passer. ever get that perfect pass on the tape? we have a bunch of great passers on our defence. our breakout is quick and deadly.
the BEER DRINKER. my whole team likes beer and hockey. enough said.

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