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08-23-2010, 12:49 PM
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i cant say i agree with all of this

1. Move the puck quickly. The longer you wait the more difficulty you will have completing the pass. The fore checker is eating your angles, the back checkers are picking up your outlets. MOVE IT NOW!
this is not necessarily true and can get you into some bad habits and forcing passes or turning the puck over.

from the description it sounds like you are standing still when moving the puck. if you are a moving forechecker can be on you quickly which may cause you to turn the puck over to him or force a pass to someone and turn the puck over or just dump it and have your team lose possession of it

2. Pass to where your target is going to be not where he is. Every pass does not need to be a bullet. Every pass does not need to be tape to tape. Lead the puck to someone who is moving. Let him skate into the puck, this is an easier pass to receive and he can take it everytime with speed. Speed creates space.
obviously i agree with this but from a different perspective, receiving the pass, make sure you keep moving and dont let up right before someone passes it to you. the passer is judging how fast you are going so if you let up the pass may be too far ahaed of you

6. Get your priorities straight. 95% of the time when you get puck you should be thinking about WHO you can get the puck to cleanly so your team can control the play. NOT how YOU can skate 85 feet to get a weak ass shot on net with 2 guys draped all over you.
cant say i agree with this, especially in the attacking zone. you dont want to make too many passes and pass up an opportunity to shoot, even if that shooting opportunity is a bad angle. if noone is open and guys are going to the net, shoot it low off the goalie and see what happens.

like i said before, it gets people into bad habbits. they start thinking that as soon as they get the puck they need to move it so they start looking around to see who's open but there isnt anyone, THEY were the open guy that was suppose to be skating it into the zone, but at that point the other team is on top if them and they turn it over or have to just dump it

9. Drop passes are ghey unless you are sure they are on the money. Never shoot it back wards inside the blue line. Stop the puck dead and skate past it.
drop passes can be very useful to open up space and drive defenders back while you drive the net.

heres a perfect example

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