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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Ah, this is the second rule or foundation in learning how to read and react. If you know or see someone that is heading into your skating lane as you are going up the ice, or within your defensive zone and he hasn't head manned the puck to you
You said head manned so I am assuming I am AHEAD of the knucklehead that is not passing to me? Yes, happens all the time. But usually he is not crossing, he is just skating in his lane, such as center lane. So as a winger, I have no choice but to stop hard at the blue line not offside him. Even if he starts crossing, it is too late for me to do the same and cross into his lane -- I will bump into him.

, chances are that the knucklehead will not pass the puck to you. But that doesn't mean that you are not responsible for positioning on the line, as you attack.

If the knucklehead crosses over into your zone, then you must cross into his zone by crossing over behind him.
So how do I cross behind him if I am ahead of him? Do I stop and wait?

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