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10-03-2003, 04:16 AM
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Originally Posted by wasting time
I know it's funny - what cracks me up are the people who automatically ink d man roster spots in the NHL Leafs for these rookies. Let's just see how they handle the AHL first, is what I would like to see.

If they can handle the likes of Trent Hunter, Craig Darby or Don MacLean bearing down on them with complete ease, then I just might give him a chance for Marian Hossa or Kovalev bearing down him them.

No harm in being a little conservative.
It has been done before. The thing is our prospects are no where neat that kind of talent. Like I was stating since I came on there boards all our prospects should spend at least 1 season on the rock and get the ice time the top prospects deserve. There is no sense in bringing some of these kids to the NHL and watch them get out played or out muscled off the pucks.*Just examples*.. and begin to lose there confidence where they could have been playing in Newfoundland and gaining confidence and getting the ice time they need to improve. and possibly give them call ups through out the season... Let them progress through the system and watch them bloom that's only my opinion though.

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