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08-23-2010, 04:58 PM
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It seems to me that his play is effected by the way he perceves himself with the team.

All around he was in high reguard when he was drafted and for the longest time had all the fanfare of a celebrated 1st rounder. I kind of think it went to his head a bit and when he wasnt brought right up to the NHL level like he may have thought he would he sulked a little and his play suffered. Last year he seemed to be snapping out of it and then MDZ came in a showed all of us just how far Sags had to go to get where we all thought he would be. Now his numbers did improve in the AHL last year but he was at that time 3 years into being a Pro at a lesser Pro level after being sent back to Brampton when he was drafted, so it took him that long to get his head strait. I feel his future in the NHL depends on how Carolina treats him.

Maybe he's been humbled enough by now to not let his emotions dictate his on ice performance, but to be on the safe side I hope Carloina gives him some minutes on the big club.

Apparently Carolina is on the thin side deffensively, or so it's the opinion of the Carolina boards here on HF, so if he comes to camp with a chip on his shoulder from being traded and all the cards fall right for him hopefully this year he turns it around and has the confidence to show everyone what he can really do when the team is behind him.

I liked Bobby, he's a good kid and has some great tools. In my opinion the team maybe didnt develope him the right way coincidental to his needs, while on the flip side he just wasnt adult enough to shoulder the up's/down's of being a pro. I feel both parties were at fault, hopefully he turns it around.

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