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Originally Posted by LcandCompAlum91 View Post
That may be the correct ranking for skill wise, but scouting wise the cshl and the norpac dont get crap.

Gmhl is absolutely garbage unless if u play for elliot lake or south maskoka. And even then, the gmhl in canada is hated by everyone because it WAS an outlaw league.

They went to parliment in ottawa and basically said that they were like quote "a black minority being beaten by its white suppressor." They're implying that hockey canada was slandering their name and telling everyone they were crap, so some liberal ass judge who had no concept of hockey, gave them teir 2 status.

Bob russel, the owner of the league, looks like bubbles from trailer park boys and the entire league is a joke.

And everyones argument is, well those of us that live in bumbfukville muskoka or whatever in north ontario, that the kids need other options when they cant make the jr a teams.

Its called NATURAL SELECTION people and if your not good enough your not good enough. Play beer league and get on with your life.

This crap about creating an equal oppurtunity for everyone is liberal bull. Youre either good enough or your not.

The ijhl,gmhl,ujhl,aehl, and all these other leagues screw kids by giving them hope and actually making them believe that they have a chance. Then they waste their lives away when they age out and become rink rats.

Avoid these leagues at all costs. If you have to PAY TO PLAY for juniors unless if its the ejhl, it is not real junior.
If you consider the EJ to be good, you should include the AJHL too. The top 3 teams would compete and other than the NHJM, JrBruins, Hitmen, the rest would play well against the other EJ teams

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