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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
That enough for ya?
The "Trap" is only a bad word because of the uber conservative way it was employed in conjunction with the ridiculous hooking and holding in the dead puck era.
The "trap" in it's purest form is nothing more than a system designed to generate turn overs in the neutral zone and provide instant counter attack opportunities.

Anyway...back to Orr.
Is it really that hard to believe that Orr changed the way the role of the Dman was viewed around the world?
Is it then that hard to believe that Orr's opening up of the game provided the building blocks for the offensive play that was so dominant in the 80's?
Am I really making a stretch here.....doubtful.

I mean hell, people smarter and more knowledgeable on hockey than you or I credit Orr with revolutionizing and opening up the game as it is today....I'm certainly not going to argue with them

First of all you said the Canadiens played the trap. Which is untrue as you have stated they would clog up the neutral zone when holding a lead. Alot of teams have done this in the past and present when holding a lead. When you say a team plays the trap it means clogging up the neutral zone (a term I hate because it is center ice) They do this for almost the whol egame unless trailing. Montreal did not do this the whole game and primarily did it in the 3rd period.

Your definition of a trap is correct however in the purest form of the trap means that a team would play like this as their primary system and no team truly played the trap like they did in the "Dead Puck era" I can not agree with you the the MOntreal Canadiens played the trap the way it was later designed and perfect by New Jersey Devils. I am sorry I think it takes away from the talented team they had and tries to label them as a team like the Devils

Do you ever really read a post. I mean when did I ever say that Orr did not influence the way the defence was played. Never have I said that, I have never said anything against how Orr changed the position.

Is it hard to think that Bobby Orr helped change hockey? Of course not he did. However you think of him as a God. You make it seem that everything he did means that anyone else that came along or any system was becasue of him.

Did Orr help open up the game? Yes of course he did I never said he didn't just that European teams and players who helped revolutionize hockey also have some credit in that change. You seem to only give Orr credit and just him alone, which is not accurate at all. Once again in case you missed it. Bobby Orr CHANGED how defenceman were seen and how the position was played later on. Bobby Orr opened up the game and made a new system that involves a rushing defenceman to take control of the offence. He just did not do it all and their are other influences out there. He might be the most prolific player to change the NHL and maybe changed it more then anyone else but to say that no other player before or after Bobby Orr has anything to do with the change of hockey is pure B.S

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